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Have a question/comment Please Contact me Todd () - Text/Call - Email: [email protected] Honey Bee Package Breed: Italian Bees. Package includes an unmarked queen and 3 lbs of bees to get your hive started! Wooden cage, candy plug, sugar syrup can, and 1/2 lb pollen patty also included. ORDER NOW FOR THE BEE SEASON!!!!! Our three-pound package contains approximately Italian bees enclosed in a standard wooden cage with a wire. Package Bees-Eau Claire WI We will again be offering Package Bees and Queens from several producers in Northern California. We have found producers that. LOCAL PICK-UP IN ORD BEND, CALIFORNIA ONLY* *SATURDAYS IN APRIL ONLY* 3lbs package*For orders of 20 or less, queen is marked, cage is new.

These packages come from Georgia and are ready to be installed into waiting hives. Check Home page to watch our “how to install package bees. These bees do NOT. Package Bees from Northern California. ORDER NOW! Italian honey bees and VSH Italian mated marked queen in screened cage. These bees are great honey. kg New Zealand package bees. Each package comes in a ventilated box, and contains healthy young bees and a caged mated queen. Bees have been treated for. 3lb Package Bees w Marked Queen Gentle, Prolific Bees. Italian x Carniolan Genetics. SPRING *PICKUP ONLY* PICKUP AT NATURE'S IMAGE FARM ZANESVILLE. Each year we produce and sell Nucleus (NUCs) hives, as well as late season single deep hives. We also sell Package bees that come from our trusted business. Bees for Sale. We offer #3 Italian package bees and Italian Nucs. We ship our package bees to 31 states. We offer the best logistics in delivering your. With the hive tool, remove the wooden panel from the first package of bees (Figure 3a). Gently remove the tin feeder and queen cage from the hole in the top of. package bees and dry sugar feed will be substituted. Specializing in High Quality Queen Bees, Package Bees, Nucs, Established Hives, Bee Supplies and Honey! Bee packages & queens shipped USPS 3 Pound Package of Honey Bees with Mated MARKED QUEEN *Please note our bees are extremely hygienic & whilst it is a. Package Bees · Bee Saver Mesh Bag · All Products, Package Bees. $ Add to cart · Add to wishlist · Bees 3lb package w/mated Queen Southern italian package. Package Bees-Waukesha WI · CLICK HERE FOR PICK-UP INFORMATION AND UPDATES · New for , We are going to attempt to offer queen types again. · Olivares.

Package bees, Nucs (coming soon), & queens (coming soon) available for pre-order! PICK - UP ONLY - We do NOT ship bees. Quantities are limited! Package Bees The Koehnen family has been beekeeping since Over the years we've grown to be one of the largest honey bee and queen producers in the world. Shop California Italian Package Bees online at Mann Lake. Available to be shipped or prepared for pickup, depending on your location. Browse to learn more. Package Bees (April 15, Pick-Up*) 3 lb. Package Bees with Marked or Unmarked Italian Hybrid Queens. ​We are excited to supply beekeepers of all sizes and. Place the package at a comfortable height. Ease off the plywood cover, exposing the top of the feeder can. Give the whole box a little whack, to ensure the bees. Posts about Nuc, Packages, Queens Produced written by stefaniemurrer and Jimmy Pence. 3 LB Package Bees With Queen $ total. Deposit required. $ This will contain a screened wooden box containing 3 pounds of honey bees, a can of. Honey Bees - Packages 3 lbs. AG 3lb package of honeybees with an unmarked queen, anticipated pick up date Monday, April 22, Pick up date and time will be sent by email.

Welcome to Honey Pimp Apiaries! We are a small business located in Bloomington IL. We specializing in providing the best honeybees and hive products possible. PICK - UP ONLY - We do NOT ship bees. PICKUP DATE Saturday April 13th, (subject to change) Time: am - am Quantities are limited! This season we will be bringing in the same 2 strains of bees that we've brought up the last several years, Carniolans and Quebecs. We have been very pleased. The bee package includes a screen box, sugar water container or fondant block, approx. +/- 3 lbs. of bees which include nurse bees, forager bees, guard bees. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY The package contains approximately 3lbs of bees with a queen. You must choose either a marked queen or unmarked queen.

Poor Valley Bee Farm is now taking pre-orders for package bees and nucs. Each year we are able to obtain an allotment of package bees for delivery in the. Package Honey bees for sale. 5-frame Nucs for Sale. We offer 2-pound and 3-pound bee packages as well as nucs and live queens. Local pickup and shipping is. You will receive two (2), 3 lb Package Bees, and 2 unmarked queens. We ship our bee packages to most of the United States. The bee package includes a screen box. Package Bees PACKAGED BEES BEING SHIPPED: Packaged bees are shipped US Postal Service, Priority Mail Ground Transportation, ONLY. YOU MUST SELECT 3-DAY UPS. Gold Star Honeybees is your one stop shop for quality top bar hive equipment. Visit us for top bar hive kits, DIY plans, books, tools, and classes. Package Bees – Saskatraz. $ 3lb package of California bees with hygienic Marked Saskatraz queen. The queens in the packages will be marked. PLEASE NOTE. Package Bees: 3 lbs Italian honey bees in a screened cage includes a VSH Italian mated, marked queen in a separate screened queen cage (with attendants). Pre-order a package of bees now for the Spring beekeeping season. Bees are for pick up only. We do not ship bees. In the past, package pick up day has.

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